Theresa Rael Named President

At our Los Ranchos Historical Society (LRHS) meeting on February 3 at the Village Hall, those present included Mayor Joe Craig, Theresa Rael, Alan Leary, Gordene MacKenzie, Nancy Nangeroni, Marcia Smiley, Eugenia Eberle, JR (Wilfred) Barela, Susan Kaplan Lentz, Ron Chavez, Paula Doherty and Marsha Adams. We unanimously named Theresa Rael as our president. We also officially declared ourselves a non-profit organization, which allows donors to deduct their donations to LRHS, up to an organizational maximum of $5000, beyond which we will need to apply for federal recognition.

Our next meeting, at which we will solidify a mission statement and attend to other foundational matters to solidify our new organization and begin to structure our work, will be held February 26 at 2PM. We discussed holding it at the Anderson house, but the location is not yet finalized.